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#H357 - HilyMax

Product information
HS- / Taric code 38220000
Storage temperature R
Shipping temperature RT
Properties DNA transfection reagent. Best Reagent for Cell Signaling Research; High Transfection Efficiency in Wide Variety of Cells; Optimized Protocol for Maximizing Transfection; HilyMax consists of a highly purified lipid of single molecule in order to express desired proteins without cytotoxicity. Dojindos HilyMax gives high transfection efficiency with simple procedure.
free samples 0.5ml available

Safety Data
GHS classification 07
Signal Words Warning

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H357-10 1x1 ml 207,00 € 196,65 € from 10 units
H357-15 5x1 ml 723,00 € 686,85 € from 10 units
H357-20 10x1 ml 1.408,00 € 1.337,60 € from 10 units
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