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For more than 30 years GERBU has devoted itself to establishing global trade, responsible raw material sourcing and manufacturing through impeccable networking. This way we ensure reliable supply of biochemicals at the most affordable prices and exceptional quality to our trusted partners and valued customers. We are committed to providing outstanding service with the approach of careful selection and mutul trust.

The GERBU Team consists of a group of highly motivated and well trained individuals striving to overcome any borders. We serve you in German, English, French, Spanish, Bulgarian, Russian, Arabic,  Italian and we will always do our best to find a way to establish transparent and effortless communication. The flat hierarchical structure allows us to bring customized products and the best of GERBU at clients’ disposal.

Our key product range includes biochemicals, buffers, reagents, nutrient media, ingredients, immunoadjuvants and -modulators for antibody production as well as unique sophisticated products by our partners designed to bring maximum success to your research.




1991 -

2004 -


GERBU Biotechnik GmbH was founded, starting with a small range of common Biochemicals

after successfully expanding the capacity our retail division for OEM price ingredient supply was established 

the GERBU Adjuvant project started in our laboratories followed by extended studies in USA (Seattle, San Diego), Vilnius (Latvia), Sofia (Bulgaria), BGVV (Berlin) and ETH (Zurich) until we had the basic formula described in eight patents and several publications

we moved our facilities to larger and modern production premises in Heidelberg. The better infrastucture allowed us to further extend our storage and production capacities over the following years

following extensive theoretical studies we starded research to further improve and finally validate our laboratory adjuvants formulations to optimize cost-benefit ratio

Today we supply the diverse range of reliable products from our carefully selected portfolio completed by the portfolio of our distribution partners. Our customers are based worldwide and range from universities to industry and pharmaceutical research companies Moreover, we extend our support in your research and production requirements.


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Japan / South East Asia

The history of Nacalai Tesque dates back to the foundation of Nakarai Mansuke Shoten, an apothecary selling oriental medicines, in 1846. They split their reagent department off and founded Nacalai Chemicals, Ltd. in 1958. Then, the company changed its corporate name to Nacalai Tesque, Inc. in 1988.

We have had many challenges since we entered the reagent industry: manufacturing reagents of our own brand; establishing a nationwide sales network; starting an R&D department; founding a subsidiary abroad; expanding our imported product lineup; producing e-Nacalai, our e-commerce site; and building an advanced logistics management system.

Although our activities may seem diverse, they are all products of a simple policy: to contribute to the development of the academic and industrial world, and to be trusted by our customers in all their endeavors.

We sincerely face and meet the needs of our customers, and pledge to continue making progress.

Dojindo Laboratories was founded by Professor Keihei Ueno, a well-known researcher in chelating chemistry. Dojindo Laboratories was the first Japanese company to commercialize EDTA (ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid) in 1951. Since then, Dojindo Laboratories has been producing reagents to support the progress of scientific research. Dojindo Laboratories’ mission is to develop innovative tools for life science research. Dojindo Laboratories strives to contribute to the improvement of quality of life through scientific findings and the development of new medicines.

Our company culture reflects the meaning behind the character “Jin” ( ) , which means to respect and care for others. As our company implements the mission above, the “Jin” spirit is always in the forefront of our thoughts.


V-BIOGNOSTICS brings over 30 years of successful and reliable experience to meet your sourcing needs of biochemicals, fine chemicals or custom manufacturing. We pride ourselves on our broad scientific knowledge and partnerships with reliable worldwide producers, our high level of customer service and our insistence on the detail and quality of all the projects we do.

V-BIOGNOSTICS is committed to providing the right solutions and to nurturing and growing the relationship with its clients while maintaining strict confidentiality. We consistently strive to save you money, to provide just in time service and to bring the user closer to the source.

Our name stands for the Greek word of knowledge in the area of life (gnōrízō – bios).

China / Hong Kong

NEOBIOSCIENCE was established in 2007, with the purpose of supplying the life science and medical communities with innovative laboratory research tools of the highest quality. NEOBIOSCIENCE is headquartered in Shenzhen, with operations in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

Today NEOBIOSCIENCE product lines include over 200 different cytokine ELISA kits, Annexin V/PI apoptosis assay kit, Secondary antibodies and IHC kit, etc.

With ten years of fast development, NEOBIOSCIENCE has become the leading manufacturer of high quality ELISA kits in China, there are hundreds of publications citing the products, eg. NATURE, PNAS. All the products listed on our website and in our catalog are produced at our laboratory in Shenzhen, China.

So we are proud of ourselves that we have been providing a wide range of products to not only China, but also other countries or regions. Unparalleled service, competitive prices, and strict quality control keep our customers returning, with well-trained staff members and sufficient production capacity, so we can ensure a wide range of services and products for our customers. We can also offer you OEM service, private label and customized services on all our products.


Biotech Desk Pvt. Ltd. based in Hyderabad, was established in February 2003 with the aim of providing Indian scientists with high-quality biochemicals, research tools and customized services at competitive prices, ensuring them unparalleled service and support. They also advise companies and institutions that need support in the fields of biotechnology, molecular biology and proteomics.