Continuous improvement

Our company lives a process of continuous improvement which should enable us to use fewer resources each year thus increasing our added value and providing our customers with safe and high quality products.

We undertake to comply with the principles of quality management for our sustainable growth.


We understand that we are part of a system made up of many parts which are in enigmatic interaction, and we are aware that each of our actions may influence others.

As a family owned company we know the importance of long term cooperation and partnership. We regularly support local projects and teams. Our employees have the opportunity to contribute constructively to company activities at any time and we support development through regular training. The compatibility of work and family is given thanks to our flexible attendance model.
We deliver smaller deliveries in the Heidelberg area with our cargo bike. Our packing material is predominantly made from recycled or renewable materials.

Careful product selection

necessary basic biochemicals 
as well as extraordinary products for very specific applications
from lab scale to bulk scale
offered plausibly and unmistakably
with reliable, clearly defined quality
at fair prices

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